Dealing With Withdrawal From Meth Addiction


Dealing With Withdrawal From Meth Addiction

I am not going to try and lie to you or sugarcoat the withdrawal process around meth addiction whatsoever. This is a very difficult thing to do for a lot of people and you’re going to need to really get prepared if you are planning on withdrawing from methamphetamine anytime soon. You honestly shouldn’t even attempt this without having the proper supervision there to help you.

I’m not necessarily saying you have to go to a detox center, but you should definitely have somebody with you at all times while this withdrawal process is taking place. This is very serious and you’re going to need a lot of help while you withdraw from methamphetamine so make sure you try and do so with somebody by your side to help you through it all.

Are The Withdrawal Symptoms Really Bad From Meth Addiction?

Unfortunately there are going to be quite a few withdrawal symptoms that you could possibly experience when you first begin going through meth addiction withdrawal. On the bright side, they won’t be as severe as somebody who’s going through opiate addiction withdrawal, but they are definitely very uncomfortable so I just want to make sure that you are prepared if you are planning on finally kicking this habit and getting your meth addiction back under control again.

Will I Be Able To Go On Medication To Help With My Meth Addiction Withdrawal?

One of the worst things about meth addiction withdrawal is that the treatment centers really do not have a medication that will be able to effectively help you withdraw from this narcotic. Obviously what I mean by this is that they don’t have anything that is able to combat the withdrawal symptoms that you are going to experience. So you have to basically ride out the discomfort all on your own without the aid of any medication whatsoever.

The good thing about withdrawal from methamphetamines is that there really aren’t a lot of physical symptoms that accompany this withdrawal process. So you don’t have to worry too much about becoming physically sick and not being able to handle the symptoms of withdrawal because there really aren’t going to be many and if there are they will be very slight and easy to deal with.

The difficulty lies in the psychological withdrawal symptoms that a methamphetamine addict will normally go through. This is often very difficult for a person to deal with and somebody going through this issue often finds it very tough to bear. Obviously there are people who have kicked this habit so it is definitely possible to achieve, and I know you have it within you to come off of this drug so don’t even worry about not having any medical aid because you’re strong enough and you will not need it.

What Is The Most Common Meth Addiction Withdrawal Symptom?

There is one very common meth addiction withdrawal symptom that a lot of methamphetamine addicts end up going through. The name of this condition is actually called anhedonia. What makes anhedonia very difficult is that a person has an extremely tough time feeling pleasure for a little while after they completely detoxify from the meth.

Your whole body’s entire central nervous system gets completely thrown into chaos while you are regularly abusing crystal meth so you’re neurotransmitters are all out of whack and they are basically responsible for the amount of dopamine that gets released. Dopamine is very important to the experiencing of emotions, so you obviously can’t experience pleasure if you are not capable of really experiencing any emotions at all.

One of the worst things about anhedonia is that it has been a major cause for meth addiction sufferers to end up relapsing because they want to be able to feel emotions again and they know that the only way to quickly be able to do this would be to take the crystal meth to relieve those symptoms that are extremely unbearable.

Is There Any Other Expected Meth Addiction Withdrawal Symptom I Should Look Out For?

The other major meth addiction withdrawal symptom you can expect to experience is depression. Depression is obviously a big withdrawal symptoms for many different drugs out there, but it’s especially severe for those who are withdrawing from methamphetamine. This is an extreme problem for meth addicts and a lot of the more severe cases usually end up where the addict develops a mood disorder.

Unfortunately there really isn’t a lot that can be done to cheer up a meth addict going through this process. The only thing that works is time and allowing your body to naturally heal so that your neurotransmitters and chemical processes can get back to normal like they were before you started abusing methamphetamine. This is what you can expect from meth addiction withdrawal. Please prepare yourself for some of these symptoms so you can be ready to deal with anything that happens to come your way.