What Is Meth?


What Is Meth?

One of the worst drugs in the world today right now is crystal meth. There are so many people who are struggling with this problem right now and they are truly having a difficult time kicking their meth addiction. The reason why it’s so tough is because this is a very powerful stimulant that literally takes over your central nervous system.

It is part of the amphetamine family and there are even particular cases where people will take this drug to help them with their ADHD problem or to help them lose weight if they are very obese. So there are actually legal ways for a person to get their hands on this drug even though it is a very illegal narcotic if you aren’t prescribed it by a qualified physician.

Is Meth Created In A Lab Or Is It A Natural Drug?

If you ever took crystal meth then you would already know the answer to this question. Or I guess if you have ever seen the drug you would know the answer as well. Crystal meth is a synthetic drug which basically means that it is man-made so it was created originally in somebody’s laboratory. Now crystal meth is created in people’s homes, basements, in someone’s RV and all kinds of crazy places. Meth can be snorted, smoked, shot or swallowed.

People mainly like to feed their meth addiction by either smoking it or injecting it because it’s a powerful hit that way and it gets right into your bloodstream really fast so that you feel the euphoric effects very quickly. That’s why you often see meth addicts covered in track marks or covered with burn marks all over their face and around the lips. They don’t want to miss a drop of their drugs so they’re literally smoking to the point where they are actually burning their own skin in an effort to get as much of it into their lungs so they can keep getting high.

What Are The Common Street Names For Methamphetamine?

If you know somebody, or if you think you may suspect somebody of struggling with a meth addiction, then you need to really look out and listen for some of the common street names they might use when talking about this drug to other people. So I want to provide you with those street names now so that you are prepared to listen to what this person is saying in case you hear them mention meth by some of its many different names.

Some of those street names are: crystal, glass, ice, chalk, crank, Tina, biker’s coffee, black beauties, Batu, blade, chicken feed, crystal glass, crystal meth, Cristy, go-fast, hiropon, hot ice, LA glass, LA ice, poor man’s cocaine, chalk, stovetop, super ice, trash, tweak, uppers, ventana, vidrio, yaba, yellow bam, shards, speed and shabu.

What Kind Of Effects Will A Person With A Meth Addiction Experience While On The Drug?

There are some definite, common effects that all people might experience when they feed their meth addiction by taking crystal meth. This drug is highly addictive so you must really expect the people taking it to feel some very potent effects because they obviously keep going back for more and more. So let’s take a much closer look at some of the things that a meth addict will experience when they are high.

One of the first major things you experience while taking methamphetamines is euphoria. This is an immediate feeling that will come over you as soon as the drug hits your bloodstream. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced euphoria before, but it is like bliss which is why so many people like to give it a try. It’s also why so many people end up getting hooked on this drug. It’s an escape from reality, and a lot of times it’s an escape from a reality that isn’t really all that nice.

Another major effect that you will experience while you are participating in the drugs of your meth addiction is an increased amount of energy and a tremendous amount of becoming alert. The energy is crazy on this drug and you will literally be bouncing off the walls really quickly because it fills you up with huge amounts of adrenaline.

But there are obviously some other issues that aren’t so fun when you have a meth addiction as well. Taking this drug in excess will often give you diarrhea, and it can often make you feel like you are nauseous all the time too. Another one of the not so fun side effects is excessive sweating, you may also experience tremors, there’s a good chance you are going to begin clenching your jaw and because you’re going to be so awake and alert you are definitely in a go through bouts of insomnia, irritability and agitation.

This is the kind of drug that will cause you to do things compulsively and act violent even. You might undergo periods of confusion and you will often experience a great amount of panic as well. The last thing I would like to mention about a meth addiction is that it often forms because somebody is using this drug as a way to lose weight. So be careful if this is prescribed to you because methamphetamine is extremely addictive and could seriously ruining your life if you end up getting hooked on it, so please be careful.